mcode backend

The mcode backend is available for all supported platforms and is also the simplest procedure, because it requires the fewest dependencies and configuration options.

GCC/GNAT: GNU/Linux or Windows (MinGW/MSYS2)


  • GCC (Gnu Compiler Collection)
  • GNAT (Ada compiler for GCC)

GHDL is configured by configure and built by make.

  • First, GHDL needs to be configured. It is common to specify a PREFIX (installation directory like /usr/local or /opt/ghdl). Without any other option, configure selects mcode as the backend.
  • Next, make starts the compilation process.
  • Finally, make install installs GHDL into the installation directory specified by PREFIX.


ON GNU/Linux, you may need super user privileges (sudo ...).


$ cd <ghdl>
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ ../configure --prefix=PREFIX
$ make
$ make install

GNAT GPL: Windows