• Development/Synthesis. Synthesis, ghdlsynth-beta, formal verification, etc. Copy the ‘Usage’ section from ghdlsynth’s README (
  • Development/libghdl. How to interact with GHDL through libghdl and/or libghdl-py.
  • Development/Related Projects. Brief discussion about similarities/differences with other open source projects such as rust_hdl or pyVHDLParser.
  • Usage/Docker. Probably copy/convert and in ghdl/docker #166.
  • Usage/Language Server.
  • Usage/Examples/Coverage. Code coverage in GHDL is a side effect of using GCC as a backend. In the future, GCC backend support might be dropped in favour of mcode and LLVM. To do so, code coverage with LLVM should be supported first. Anyway, comments/bits of info should be gathered somewhere in the docs, along with references to gcov, lcov, etc.
  • Usage/Examples/UART. Dossmatik’s UART and unisim guides. We have *.doc sources to be converted to Sphinx.
  • Usage/Examples/Free Range VHDL.
  • It is possible to add waveforms with wavedrom, since there is a sphinx extension available.